Keratin Nanocure Hybrid Treatment 1000ml


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Keratin Nanocure Hybrid Lisse Luxurious Keratin & Straightening Treatment 1000ml

The new innovative hybrid composition of Keratin Nanocure Hybrid Lisse includes keratin amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen, whey protein, a mixture of special oils and vitamin E where it covers all the needs for reconstruction, nourishment and hydration in a single service, while its anti-yellow formula neutralizes all unwanted shades.

The ultimate straightening treatment with intense shine and softness, which at the same time repairs chronic damage from technical work.

Instructions for use

  • Wash hair (where necessary) with Keratin Nanocure Pre-Treatment.
  • Towel dry hair to remove excess moisture and separate into sections.
  • Take thin sections and apply the product 0.5 cm from the roots. Make sure there is enough product on all the hair. Grab the hair in a bun and wrap with film.
  • Let the product act for 45-60 minutes.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly without using shampoo.
  • Apply equal amounts of Keratin Nanocure Smooth Conditioner or Keratin Nanocure Hydration Conditioner and Keratin Nanocure® Smooth Mask for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry the hair 100%. Divide them into sections and take 1 cm partings. Apply a professional hair straightener until the hair is smooth and shiny (6-8 times). From 180°C for thin and damaged hair and 230°C for natural and glassy.


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Keratin Nanocure Hybrid Lisse Luxurious Keratin & Straightening Treatment 1000ml