Electric brush 0449701



  • Electric hair brush
  • Heat-resistant tips made of elastic silicone material
  • Fast heating time: constant 180°C
  • On-off control slide switch – on when LED indicator is red
  • 2 meter long cable


Instructions for use

  • Keep your hair or beard clean before use.
  • Connect the plug to the outlet.
  • Activate the brush.
  • In use, you only need one hand to pull down the ends of the hair or beard and comb with this mini straightening brush.
  • Turn off after each use.


Maintenance & Cleaning

  • After each use, switch off the device, unplug it and let it cool down completely.
  • Never immerse the device in water.
  • Clean the device with a slightly damp cloth and use a soft cloth to dry it.
  • Do not use cleaning products.

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Sibel Ultron Cerali Mini electric brush, for brushing and straightening hair.